We offer tailor-made and modular solutions for every customer group.

Financial institutions

For financial institutions active in proprietary trading ZIEMANN VALOR offers ZIE.WEB, an easy ordering platform for buying and selling precious metals and foreign notes. If required, the platform can be extended with additional features for logistics and/or trading.

For financial institutions which have scaled down or completely eliminated their proprietary trading activities ZIEMANN VALOR offers a full service efficiently covering all aspects of direct customer service with ZIE.WEB. Customer orders are simply entered into ZIE.WEB or submitted to ZIEMANN VALOR using a web service. All post-processing activities including branch delivery or direct delivery to the customer will be managed by ZIEMANN VALOR. For these transactions you will receive a custom commission.

Precious metal dealers

Whether you are in the wholesale business or offer a complete portfolio of services ranging from packaging to customer delivery, working with ZIEMANN VALOR allows you to fully focus on your core competencies and your customers. Order processing, storage management, packaging, and shipment will be handled by ZIEMANN VALOR giving you complete cost control based on predictable unit costs, the free selection of suppliers and a modular process design.


ZIEMANN VALOR offers services for the management of foreign notes which provide its commercial customers with a consistent solution for handling foreign notes in line with their EUR cash handling process. Simply hand over your safe bag containing foreign notes to your preferred cash collection partner, and ZIEMANN VALOR will send you a report or an email with full details on count information, exchange rate and the equivalent amount in EUR. The amount will be transferred to your account by our partner bank.

You benefit from:

  • Modular processes
  • Solutions tailored to our customers’ needs
  • Your single source of services with a single contact
  • Full insurance protection for your valuables
  • High flexibility
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