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ZIEMANN VALOR offers a secure, reliable and customer-focused portfolio of efficient services and highly attractive products covering precious metals and foreign notes.

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Precious metals

Based on our business contacts with mints and bullion producers all over the world we ensure a high availability of our products and attractive conditions for our customers. In close cooperation with our business partners our trading team offers a wide selection of investmemt precious metals at real-time prices. By purchasing directly from the mints and bullion producers we are able to sell products of high quality.

Foreign notes

ZIEMANN VALOR provides financial institutions with foreign notes in more than 100 currencies and in all common denominations. We are strongly committed to high quality which we can ensure by working closely with international banks. ZIEMANN CASHSERVICE operates cash centers where all foreign notes are processed and counted using highly reliable counting systems. ZIEMANN VALOR offers solutions for financial institutions as well as commercial customers.

Logistics & Packaging

In close cooperation with ZIEMANN CASHSERVICE ZIEMANN VALOR offers the highest level of security for banks and business customers choosing to have our products packaged and delivered to their branches or to their customers directly. Complete documentation of all transactions with dual control plus video recording of each step in the process work together to ensure a professional handling of foreign notes and precious metals. ZIEMANN VALOR also grants professional packaging of its products so that they can be safely delivered to your customers.


Together with the ZIEMANN CASHSERVICE GmbH we offer a full range of attractive storage concepts which allow you to benefit directly from the high security standards of one of Germany’s biggest cash-in-transit companies. From our high-security vault in the former German Federal Bank in Mannheim to the high-security vaults in our cash centers in Nuremberg and other locations you can choose the security approach best suited to your needs.


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