Markus Osiander

Markus Osiander started his career after studying with the Swedish SECURITAS Group company as a key account manager for banks in 1993. As a project manager at the Deutsche Bank he was in charge of the launch of the Euro in 2000. In 2003 he was appointed Head of Sales for Germany by the SECURITAS Group where he was responsible for cash handling. In 2005, Markus Osiander joined BayernLB as director of Account Management Foreign Notes and Precious Metals and helped the BayernLB to successfully expand its market position in this segment. Markus Osiander now holds the position of Managing Director at ZIEMANN VALOR where he is responsible for Sales and Back Office.
Markus Osiander
Markus Pieper

Markus Pieper

Markus Pieper started his professional career after studying at the Market Maker Timber Hill in Frankfurt. As an authorized dealer for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Xetra and Eurex, he was part of the team responsible for the development of the brokerage platform TWS of Interactive Brokers, a subsidiary of the Timberhill Group. In 1999, Markus Pieper joined the Trigon Wertpapierhandelsbank AG where he was in charge of electronic trading. Markus Pieper was the founding member and managing director of the securities trading bank bid & ask Financial Services GmbH (2009) overseeing the operational areas of order book management and capital market transactions until the transfer of the order books to the Baader Bank AG. Markus Pieper brings his experience from working in the banking sector for many years and his extensive expertise in trading into his position at ZIEMANN VALOR where he is responsible for trading and IT.


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